All Koku Kitchens raw materials are from Catalunya and as close to home as possible, except for those ingredients that must be sourced from Asia. Not the noodles or bao buns though... We make those in-house... every - single - day.


A red neon sign with "Ramen & Gyoza Bar" gives you a BIG clue as to what you can discover downstairs in Koku Kitchen, C/ Comerç 29. The ambience and decor, tipping its cap to a subway station, is a clear reference to the bars of Tokyo. The gyozas are also the stars of this underground.

To everyone's surprise, the great attraction is the Ramen Lab. Here the Ramen noodles are produced with a specialised machine brought from Japan and Masaki, the "Master of Ramen", is dedicated to making the noodles and the gyoza skins after having learned it from his Master, Shigue San, in Tokyo years ago.

If you are lucky enough to catch him you can witness his legendary work while slurping a piping hot bowl from the comfort of your own seat.


The dear and beloved original restaurant from Koku Kitchen. Always improving since the doors first opened. Kaizen. Service with a smile, products of excellent quality and an affordable price. These values are the foundations. The noodles are made everyday by hand with much love and dedication. The gyoza dough suffers the same fate. To share (or not) are a variety of dishes from Japan chosen to go hand in hand with the house speciality. The atmosphere is relaxed and vibrant. Koku Kitchen is the birthplace of the famous Koku lemonade and its star dessert; the Banoffee! Every day is a new day to improve.

This restaurant has reopened